Nuvox offers you the flexibility you need through a package called FLEXLINX.  With FLEXLINX, you select how much long distance, local calling, internet service, as well as other enhanced features you need for  your business.


What's included with the FLEXLINX package?

    Any combination of voice and Internet services from 6 to 240 channels.

    Feature-rich local service with large local calling areas.

    Affordable long distance with International service and phone cards.

    Dedicated Internet access available in 64kbps increments.

    Robust web services including web hosting, spam filtering, and e-mail.

    Powerful networking services for both voice and data applications.

    Dependable equipment installation and administration.

    On-demand conferencing services available anytime.


Why should I chose FLEXLINX?

    It's Reliable.  It is a proven technology on our state-of-the-art voice and data network.

    It's a Bundle.  It's all you need in a a single package for a single price.

    It's Simple.  Easy to understand pricing and invoice with no surprises from month-to-month.

    It's Flexible.  Along with your voice and internet services you can add enhanced services like voicemail, managed Internet security and web conferencing services.